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SomaStool™ SHy-HRFRC

About SomaStool™

Real Ergonomics for Labs, Dental and Medical offices

From a simple backless stool, to a state-of-the-art sit-stand hybrid chair, Soma has the ergonomic seating solution that best fits your medical or dental office, lab or industrial assembly seating needs

For short term seating, and sitting in small spaces, try any one of our stools with or without backrests and/or footings. With higher quality cushioning than others and comfort features hidden within, they are a great value and give you better comfort and support. Available with polished aluminum/chrome finishes and antimicrobial fabrics, or vinyl for easy wipe down and in TB 133 option for Hospital fire code compliance.

Or try the Soma Hybrid, where you can sit, you can stand, you can sit in it backwards and use the backrest as a chestiest for forward leaning tasks like surgery, lab work, assembly, welding, and more. You can sit in more postures than any other chair with the SomaHybrid™ chair and as a result, have more energy at the end of your day.

More than a chair, a modular chair system
  • Available in multiple seat sizes and styles to serve multiple task functions
  • Meets/Exceeds ANSI-HFS Ergonomic Standards
  • RSI-preventative Thorsac™ backrests
  • Select from 3 multi-adjust mechanisms
  • A variety of 5-leg base for the right size and stability
  • Recommended by top ergonomists, designers and clinicians
  • Easy-to-reach adjustments
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • SomaArmrest AAUDAAUD
  • SomaArmrest AAFAAF
  • SomaArmrest ARUDARUD
  • SomaArmrest ARFARF

  • SomaArmrest ARUSARUS
  • SomaArmrest ARFLARFL
  • SomaArmrest AA-F-PArAA-F-PAr
SomaArmrest and SomaArmrest Pad options
  • SomaArmrest AAS Swing AnimationAAS1


Armrest Options

Like all Soma product components, any Soma armrest or armrest pad can be used with any Soma chair (there are some combination exceptions. For details, see our price list "Notes" section).

  • AF
    • Fixed
  • AFc
    • Fixed Height with Chrome
  • AH
    • Adjustable height, 4"
  • AL
    • Adjustable height, 4"
    • Adjustable width, 3"
    • Formerly ALN
  • AS
    • Swing-Away™
    • The original, exclusive Swing-Away™ armrests invented by Soma Ergonomics.
    • Swings all the way back behind the backrest for maximum accessibility and freedom of motion, plus elbow support when sitting in reverse on a SomaHybrid™
  • AP
    • "Adjustable Pivoting"
    • Lockable pivot, 30 deg
    • Adjustable height, 4"
    • Adjustable width, 3"
  • AR
    • "Adjustable Rotating"
    • Lockable Rotation, 360 deg
    • Adjustable height, 4"
    • Adjustable width, 3"
  • PA
    • "Dual Pivoting Attachment"
    • Can be combined with all armrest types
  • AA
    • Adjustable height, 3"
    • Budget arm support

Armrest Pad Options

  • Urethane
    • Standard
  • Upholstered
    • Fabric
    • Vinyl
    • Leather (shown)

Standard Fabrics

  • GR1-MogulsMoguls
  • GR1-OpenHouseOpenHouse
  • GR1-RevolutionRevolution

Optional Upholstery

  • GR2-Meridian/HotShotMeridian/Hotshot
  • GR2-MoonscapeMoonscape
  • GR2-VinylVinyl

  • GR2-Vinyl ClassicVinyl Classic
  • GR2 Power PlayPower Play
  • GR3 BrisaBrisa

  • GR3-Brisa-DistressedBrisa Distressed
  • GR3 Silk1Silk 1
  • GR3 Silk2Silk 2

  • GR3 Silk2African Leopard
  • GR4 Cheetah1Cheetah 1
  • GR4 Cheetah2Cheetah 2

  • GR4 CowprintCowprint
  • GR4 LeopardLeopard
  • GR4 OcelotOcelot

  • GR4 Snow LeopardSnow Leopard
  • GR4 ZebraZebra
  • GRL Lena1Leather 1

  • GRL Lena1Leather 2


Choose from a wide variety of fabrics, vinyl, or leather.

Soma provides textiles available for every budget. Choose from three fabric grades, two vinyl grades, and for the ultimate in coverings, leather.

The textiles at Soma are eco-friendly, manufactured from 100% recycled/recyclable materials, keeping with our belief in a greener culture.

Swatch samples are available on request.

SomaStool™ Best Sellers
  • Soma SHy-HRSHy-HR
  • Soma SHy-HRNSHy-HRN
  • Soma PolyStoolPolyStool

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