• SomaContour™ CTE4-MBxCTE4-MBx
  • SomaContour™ CTE5-TJtCTE5-TJt


Soma now offers the SomaContour™. It offers additional pressure point dissipation especially good for big and tall users and people sensitive to high pressure points.
  • ConChairto™ConChairto


Used by world renowned musicians at orchestras such as the New York Metropolitan Opera. Created to the exacting specifications of the world's best musicians. Available in 7 sizes. ConChairto™ will allow you to create the best music of your life in comfort.
  • SomaSaddle™SomaSaddle


Providing more comfort than any other saddle seat on the market with a softer seat so you can stay more mobile and active in comfort to get more done and feel better doing it.
  • SomaStool™ SHy-HRSHy-HR
  • SomaStool™ SHy-HRFRCSHy-HRFRC
  • SomaStool™ SHy-HRNSHy-HRN
  • SomaStool™ SHy-HRNFCSHy-HRNFC
  • SomaStool™ PolyStoolPolyStool


Real Ergonomics for Labs, Dental and Medical offices, with or without backrests and/or footrests. Available in multiple seat sizes and styles, a variety of 5-Leg bases, and multiple armrests.
  • SomaInfinity™ SI-FSomaInfinity™ SI-F


The next generation Executive and Conference Room chairs. The world’s first Open-System™ real ergonomic chair designed for executives and conference rooms.

  • SomaMesh™ SM-ARsSomaMesh™ SM-ARs


Enhance your Comfort, Health and Productivity with SomaMesh™. Available in 7 seat sizes, 4 seat types with a choice of 4 seat cushion materials and 7 armrest options.

  • SomaVenture™ SVSV
  • SomaVenture™ SV-ESLSV-ESL
  • SomaVenture™ SV-MeshSV-Mesh


Real Ergonomic Executive Seating. Available in 3 sizes and 2 styles, Executive and Conference Room with multiple seat depths and heights to fit anyone.
  • SomaErgoKinetic™ SW-M2SW-M2
  • SomaErgoKinetic™ SG-MeshSG-Mesh
  • SomaErgoKinetic™ EK.V.R.TEEK.V.R.TE


The World's first ErgoKinetic Chairs and the best chair for long-term sitting. Offered in 3 perfect fitting sizes, Petite, Standard and Large, the SomaErgoKinetic™ line is sure to have the perfect seat for you.

  • SacroEase Perfect-Fit™SacroEase Perfect-Fit™

SacroEase Perfect-Fit™

McCarty's, maker of the SacroEase™ has teamed up with Soma. Offered in 3 perfect fitting sizes, Petite, Standard and Large, the SacroEase Perfect-Fit™ line is sure to have the perfect seat for you.

  • SomaRockit™ SR-MJxSomaRockit™ SR-MJx


The perfect standard chair for a variety of technical and anatomical reasons. Offered in 3 perfect fitting sizes, Petite, Standard and Large, the SomaRockit™ line is sure to have the perfect seat for you.

  • SomaBerkeley™ BasicBasic
  • SomaBerkeley™ RockerRocker
  • SomaBerkeley™ EK.V.R.TESynchro


The best chairs for wider backed users with flatter lumbar curves. Great for long-term, short-term, and frequent upright to reclined sitting and rocking. Also available with a contoured seat and offered in 5 sizes: A Petite, B Medium, C Large, D Xtra Large and a Big & Tall version. The SomaBerkeley™ line is sure to have the perfect fit for you.

  • SomaStandard™ MoreMore
  • SomaStandard™ SleekSleek
  • SomaStandard™ StormStorm


Our newest chair line, SomaStandard™ brings fresh design and stunning looks to the business chair market. Choose from one of 3 new lines with many options to allow the choice of the perfect chair.

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