What is Cricket?

Cricket is an iOS-friendly wearable sensor that:

  1. Measures muscle tension, movements, posture, heart rate, and HRV with medical-level precision
  2. Trains "active stress reduction": teaches control of muscle tension, breath, and posture
  3. Real Time Data can be recorded to generate reports and to analyze data comparing past and future performance optimization and injury prevention.

Cricket is available now and a Medical Grade version is planned to roll out soon:

  1. Model C is the commercial version (MSRP $350)
  2. Model M is the medical version (MSRP $2,300)

Cricket is the future of ergonomic evaluations. Apply a comfortable wearable sensor that measures muscle tension and posture. Get guided effortlessly through streamlined workstation evaluations that follow OSHA standards. Get automated reports that quantify the effectiveness of your adjustments, and which isolate which muscle groups or activities need additional attention. Use a monitor throughout the work day and get feedback when tension levels are elevated or when you are using your workstation incorrectly. Actively train to reduce muscle tension with specialized interfaces.

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