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Why Soma?


We offer REAL Ergonomics and we really care about you. Why do we say “real” ergonomics? Because, FRANKLY, most of the ergonomic products out there are not really ergonomic. They are a lot of sizzle and no steak. In fact, "Ergonomic", like the term Environmentally Friendly, has become a popular label for manufacturers to just stick on a product. To make matters worse there is no regulation that lets you, a consumer, be sure that what is labeled “ergonomic” is really ergonomic. And worse yet there is no standard for measuring the effectiveness of an ergonomic product. This really bothered the designers at Soma. So we went to the experts: physicians, physical therapists and clinicians with the best records of helping real people, injured and healthy, get comfortable/reduce and heal injuries. From their experience of helping real people with real injuries, they discovered what product features and working habits really produce injury or really help prevent it and give the best support, not just to injured people, but for everyone.

Soma’s real ergonomic products are based on what world class doctors, physical therapists, clinicians and chair users find truly effective in helping achieve greater comfort, health, and performance. Since 1984 Soma’s principal designer has been developing this research into state-of-the-art real ergonomic products. As a result, SomaChairs™ have been recognized by world class ergonomic experts to be some of the best available. How good? So good that competitors have paid us the highest complement by imitating some of our Cut-Away™ backrests like our MBw and TBt. What was once "different" is the leading edge. And we are a learning organization so we constantly improve everything we make so you can be sure Soma’s products are really ergonomic and really help enhance your comfort health and performance and that is: Why Soma? Real ergonomics, from a company that does real research and really cares about enhancing your comfort, health and performance!

How good are Soma chairs?

Ask some of our customers . . .

Soma chairs are so comfortable. They make all the difference. I have a repetitive strain injury and the SomaComfort™ chair has really helped me at work. It supports you and they can tailor make it to fit you just right. I will be buying another. I love ‘em!

Shelley Coleman

Just days after I got my Soma chair I noticed my 20 year back pain was gone! I was able to work longer hours and to maintain better focus on running my business rather than on my back pain!

Ron Michelson, Business Owner

In my 23 years of practice as a chiropractic physician and as a teacher of chiropractic at Palmer West College of Chiropractic, I have not been as excited about an ergonomically designed chair as your Soma chair and I will enthusiastically recommend it to my patients. . . . It is by far the most ergonomically advanced of all the desk/office/computer workstation chairs I have seen, many of which are double the cost.

Ron Dunn, D.C. Instructor, Palmer West

Soma’s ThorSac™ backrests provide outstanding support for many hard-to-fit body types.

Eileen Vollowitz, PT, Founder of Back Designs Inc.

I have preferred only one chair company for the past eight years: Soma Ergonomics. There is only one chair style that I have recommended for the past eight years to be an integral part of the ergonomic programs that I have brought to companies either launching or expanding ergonomics programs The Open System Seating BioComfort/BioForm chairs. There is no equivalent in my professional opinion.

Melinda Bergquist, M.A., ATC President, Ergonomic Consulting Services


Here's a partial list of valuable clients that have purchased ergonomic chairs and accessories from Soma Ergonomics.

High Technology

3DFx, Adobe Systems, Agilent, AKAMAI Technologies, Inc., Alcatel, Altera Corporation, Amdahl Corporation, Apple Computer, Arkenstone, A.S.A.P. Mail, Ashtech, Asimba, AT&T Labs, Atari Games, Audible Magic, Banta Integrated Systems, Broadcom, BroadVision, Brooktrout Technology, Cadence Design Systems, Calico Commcerce, Claris Corporation, Compaq Computer Corp., Connect Direct, Encanto Networks, E*Trade,, Gemplus, Genentech, GroupFire, Inc., Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hyundai Electronics of America, IBM, Icarian, ImproveNet, Informix Software, Intel, Inktomi, Lattice Semiconductor, Liquid Audio, LookSmart, LTX/Trillium, Lucent/Octel Messaging Devision, Lycos, Mentor Graphics, Mobileum, NASA/Ames Research Center, OnTrak Systems, Oracle, Packeteers, PeopleSoft, Personic Software, Pyramid Technologies, Rolm Business Communications, SAP Labs, Inc., Scale 8, SGI, Siemens, SL Corporation, SRI International, Sun Microsystems,, Woosh!, Xerox Corporation-PARC, Yahoo!

Healthcare, Biotech and Health Insurers

ABAG Worker's Comp , AIG, A Better Life & Associates, Blue Cross of California, Calco Medical Management Corp., California Casualty, California Pacific Medical, Chubb Insurance Group, Cigna Healthcare, CNA Insurance, DNAX, El Camino Hospital, Farmer's Insurance, Fireman's Fund, Firm Solutions, First Pacific Corp., Guidant/ACS, Hand Therapy of San Francisco, Hartford Insurance, Inhale Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson LifeScan, Kemper Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Matrix Absence Co., Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Repetitive Strain Institute, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Manufacturing, Professional Services, etc.

Accent Paper, Albin Engineering Services, Allstate Insurance Research, Andersen Consulting, BHP Minerals International, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, Chase Manhattan Bank and Trust, Coblenz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, Continental Risk Mgmt Service, Ellman Burke Hoffman & Johnson, Epic Wines, FMC, Foothill Bank, Geomatrix Consultants, Kenneth Rodrigues & Partners, Macy's West - ELRD, Mayfield Fund, Morrison Knudsen Corp., Nepenthe's Restaurant, Netscape AOL (GOES IN HIGH-TECH) , Pacific Bell, PG&E, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro LLP, Stanford Federal Credit Union, Steinhardt & Falconer.


LucasArts Entertainment Co., New York Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera


Association of California School Administrators, Antioch Unified School District, Contra Costa County Schools, DeAnza College, Mission College, Mt. View/Los Altos UHSD, Oakland Unified School District, Occidental College, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, UCLA School of Dentistry.

Governmental Agency Customers

California Dept. of Rehabilitation, City of Mountain View, City of Oakland, City of Palo Alto, City & County of San Francisco, City of Hayward, City of Los Altos, City of San Carlos, City of San Jose, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, City of Santa Monica, City of Sunnyvale, Department of Labor/OWPC, State of California, State of Oregon, Superior Court of CA

Non-Profit Organizations

YMCA, Foundation for Global Community, Carnegie Foundation, Lucile Packard Foundation, Packard Foundation.

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