SomaForm SF-W

SomaForm SF-W

SomaForm: More than Meets the Eye

State-of-the-art RSI prevention

This chair is deceptively simple looking, but like so many other things in life "less is more"! SomaFormô has been discovered by clinicians, ergonomists and Fortune 500 companies as the chair providing the most effective RSI prevention available. It is the result of over 17 years of clinical research and, though it may look simple, it has exclusive features that support your lower back and reduce muscle tension in the upper back and neck when sitting upright better than any other chair!

SomaForm has a firmer, slightly mushroom-shaped seat and flat back that minimize pressure points but provide maximum support without getting in your way making it easy to move around. It's great for "V" sitters who like to sit with their legs spread apart in an open angle and best for helping reduce sciatica.

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SomaForm SC-TBs

More than a chair, a modular chair system.

  • Available in 7 sizes with any of 28 different backrests: low, midheight or tall in narrow, wide or extra wide sizes with or wothout adjustable lumbar.
  • Highest Quality Two-Part Seat™ Promotes natural posture and eliminates that sliding-out-of-your-seat feeling.
  • Exclusive quick-lock back height adjustment to avoid painful wrist rotations
  • Meets/exceeds ANSI-HFS Ergonomic Standards!
  • RSI-preventive Thorsac™ backrests
  • Select from 6 multi-adjust mechanisms
  • Available with recycled/recyclable or organic fabrics
  • Large 5-leg base for stability!
  • Recommended by top ergonomists, designers and clinicians
  • Easy-to-reach adjustments
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

  SomaFormô Standard Model Pricing and Specifications
  Customizable Modular System Options, Pricing and Specifications
  Instruction Manual

  • How to select a seat and backrest
  • Soma seat shape options
  • Soma backrests
  • Chair fitting checklist
  • Remote chair fitting form
  • What to do if the backrest slips

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